21 December, 2011

PTU- Jolly Santa

* Click tag for bigger

This tutorial is borne from my own manipulated lil' mind. 
Any similarity to any other tutorial(s) is purely coincidental.

This tutorial was written for those who have a working knowledge of PSP.
This tutorial was written using PSP XI, tho' any version should work.

Supplies Needed:
Tube of choice. I am using the artwork 
of Ismael Rac. The name of the tube is Naughty Or Nice 
& can be found by visiting his store.
Do NOT use this artwork unless you have a license to do so 
& have purchased the tube.

Scrapkit is Red n Black Xmas from Addictive Pleasures
This is a pay to use kit.
Any other 'Christmas' kit should work nicely- 
as long as there's a string of lights in it. ;)
Template: Jolly Santa which can be found at AngiRique's 
awesome blog.
*Show the love when downloading.

Filters: Xero- Porcelain (optional for the tube)
Tramages: Tow The Line (optional)
Eye Candy 4000 Gradient Glow (optional for text & parts of temp)
Eye Candy 4000 HSB Noise (optional for animating the lights)
Font for name: Satisfaction (FTU font)

Let's do this! =)

Save your progress often.;)

Open up the template. Duplicate it & close original. 
I re-sized mine so it was 700 px in width.
Delete the credit layer at the top.
If you are animating: also delete the mask layer & the rectangle shadow layers.

If you are animating this tag & wish to have your background transparent like mine-
DO NOT drop shadow anything.

Working from the bottom up-
Both rectangle layers: - Selections- Select all 
- Selections- float
- Selections- defloat
- Selections- invert
-Paste paper 11 (or choice) 
- Hit delete on your keyboard
- Selections- select none. 
Then delete the original layer you had 'floating'.
On both my layers, I added a gradient glow to mine:
Settings were 3, 25, 100, Fat in a red colour.

For both the small circles, 
- Selections- Select all 
- Selections- float
- Selections- defloat
- Selections- invert
-Paste paper 8- resized 80% (position as needed)
- Hit delete on your keyboard
- Selections- select none. 
Then delete the original layer you had 'floating'.

For the center circle, Selections- Select all 
- Selections- float
Layers- new raster layer.
Flood fill with a foreground/ background gradient
I used #c00000 & #000000. Angle 45 & repeats 2
Select none & delete the original layer.
On your gradient circle layer,
Effects- Tramages- Tow The Line at these settings:

Next, go back to your Circle Frame layers.
Add noise:

Next, on your Bottom Left Circle Frame layer,
use your magic wand & click inside.
Selections- Modify- Expand. Expand by 2
Paste tube of choice, position as desired & hit the delete key.
Do the same for the Top Right Circle Frame.
Move this layer below the frame in your layers palette.
On the top right frame, after I added my tube,
 I duplicated my frame & moved one below the tube in the layers palette.
Then, on the top frame, I erased a little of it to give the illusion of her coming out of the frame.

Next colourise your word art to your own tastes.
On mine, I duplicated the layer & added a thin gradient glow in white
& then added some noise to that layer.

Next, add your main tube & position.
Add Xero Porcelain with these settings:

Next, add your elements of choice & position. This is what I added:
stocking (2): resize 35%, resize one an additional 80%
baubles2- 55%
bells 50%
mug- 80%
gift2- 55%
gift3- 35%
holly- 35%
candycane- 45%
lolli- 45% (rotated 25 right)
lights- 80% (I erased some of the 'excess' on both sides)

Crop & resize your tag as desired.
Now's the time to add your copyrights & watermark.

If you're not animating, you can add your name,
delete the bottom white layer & save as a .png

If you're animating, don't add your name yet. 

I tend to do my animating a bit differently,
so this part may seem lengthy, but it works for me. ;)

If you are animating, open a new image & add your name to it.
 I duplicated my layer, added a gradient glow at these settings:

I added some noise to the top layer.
Merge visible & save as an animation shop image. (Mine was saved as name.psp)
We'll be using this again in Animation Shop. ;)

Back on your tag, delete your bottom white background layer.

Close out your lights layer.
Merge the rest of your tag visible.
Rename this layer 'tag base'.
Duplicate your merged layer twice so you have three.
Close out two of these duplicated layers.

Next rename your lights layer to 'lights'. 
Duplicate your lights layer twice so you have three.
Close out the bottom two light layers.

On the top lights layer, use your magic wand to click on the bulbs
to select them. The whole bulb does NOT have to be selected.;)

Once selected, on your layers palette, right click & promote that layer.
Rename 'bulbs'.
Duplicate it twice so you have three. Select none.
Close out two of these layers for now.

On your opened promoted bulb layer
go to Effects, Eye Candy 4000 HSB Noise.
Here's the settings:

Once your lightbulbs are set, merge the opened layers visible, rename to '1' & close.

Open one of each layer:  Tag base, lights & bulb.
On your bulb layer, apply the HSB noise again, except hit random seed first.
Merge all visible, rename '2' & close this layer.

Open your last layers:  Tag base, lights & bulb.
On your bulb layer, apply the HSB noise again, except hit random seed again.
Merge all visible, rename '3'.

Open all layers. 
I tend to save this 'base' for opening up in Animation Shop 
if I'm wanting a transparent background for my tag, or to make multiple tags.
If you wish you can copy & paste each layer into Animation shop to proceed 
or save it as an animation shop file.

Once in Animation shop, open your saved tag base you created in PSP. & your name file.

On the tag base:
Select all- Animation- Frame Properties. I set mine to 20.
* I tend to save this as a 'base' file at this point if making multiple tags.
Below is the optimization settings I have when saving my base.
Then when making more than 1 tag, I duplicate the base for how many I need. ;)

On the name file:
Animation- Insert frames- empty
Number of frames- 2
Insert before frame- 2
(leave the other settings as they are)
My example:

Once you have the three frames needed for your name,
Edit- select all /edit- copy.

Go to your tag base:
 edit- select all
CTRL & E key
position your name where you want it & then click your mouse to set it.

If the animation looks good when you play it back, you can save.
Here's the 'best' settings I could get when saving:

You're done! =)

I hope you enjoyed this tutorial & that it wasn't too confusing.
I'd love to see any results any of you have trying this. =)



  1. Magik thank you so much - you rocked it!!! I love it and gonna post your tut link on my blog :) Hugzzzz

  2. You're very welcome, Sweetie.
    Aww. Thank you. *blush*
    I'm happy you like it. =)