07 January, 2012

PTU- Emo Gangsta

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This tutorial is borne from my own manipulated lil' mind. 
Any similarity to any other tutorial(s) is purely coincidental.

This tutorial was written for those who have a working knowledge of PSP.
This tutorial was written using PSP XI, tho' any version should work.

Supplies Needed:
Tube of choice. I am using the artwork of Jose Cano. 
The name of the tube is Rebel Rider 3 
& can be found by visiting PTE.
Do NOT use this artwork unless you have a license to do so 
& have purchased the tube.

Scrapkit is Emo Gangsta from Toxic Desirez
This is a pay to use kit.

Template: Tamie Temp 3 which can be found 

Mask: I used mask 102 from InsatiableDreams.
*Show the love when downloading the template & mask.;)

Font: Font of choice

Filters: Xero- Fritallary
Tramages- Tow The Line
Xero- Radiance
Eye Candy 4000 Gradient Glow (optional for text & parts of temp)

Let's do this! =)

Save your progress often.
Drop shadow used for this tutorial is 2 2 40 4
Each time I add my papers, I cropped my tag to canvas 
(surround the whole tag when cropping)
to eliminate any 'shadows' showing up on the edges. ;)

Open up the template. Duplicate it & close original. 
Delete the credit layer at the top.

Working from the bottom up:
Highlight bottom layer. Copy & paste paper 3 above. 
Apply your mask. Merge group.

Raster 4- Selections- Select all. Selections- float
- Selections- defloat. Selections- invert.
Copy & paste paper2 resized 80%
- Hit delete on your keyboard
- Selections- select none. 
Then delete the original layer you had 'floating'.
Do the same for copy of raster 4.
Crop to canvas.

On both layers- add a black gradient glow: set at 3, medium. Drop shadow.

Copy & paste paper25. Resize 80%. Rotate 17 left .
On  Raster 5 : Selections- Select all. Selections- float
 -Selections- defloat. Selections- invert.
Drag your resized & rotated paper below this layer.
- Hit delete on your keyboard
- Selections- select none. 
Then delete the original layer you had 'floating'.

For copy of Raster 5- do the same thing as raster 5,
except rotate your paper 17 right.
I used the same gradient glow on both these layers,
but used a pink colour instead. 

Raster 3- Selections- Select all. Selections- float
- Selections- defloat. Selections- invert.
-Paste paper 14. Resize 80%. 
- Hit delete on your keyboard
- Selections- select none. Drop shadow. 
Then delete the original layer you had 'floating'.

For Raster 2- I added Xero Fritallary at these settings:

Add drop shadow to this layer.

Next, on Raster 1- Selections- Select all. Selections- float
 -Selections- defloat. Layers- New raster layer

Flood fill this layer with a gradient that matches with your tube.
The colours I used:
e568b2- foreground
c01f8a- background
linear- angle 36/ repeats 5
Select none.
Next, apply Tramages- Tow the Line at default settings.
Delete the original layer.

Raster 6- Add noise: Gaussian/ monochrome 65%  Add drop shadow.

Next, add your tube.
Apply Xero-Radiance at these settings:

Add a drop shadow to your tube.

Next, add your elements as follows:
Roses- resize 70% . Sharpen & drop shadow. 
Drag under tube layer in layers palette.

Charm 2- Drop shadow & position to the bottom center of tag.

Bullet Hole 1- Resize 30%. Sharpen. Duplicate & position randomly on tag.

Bullet Hole 2- Resize 40%. Sharpen, duplicate & position on tag.

Diamond- Resize 27%. Duplicate.
On bottom one- rotate left 17. Sharpen. 
On the duplicate, resize again 80% . Rotate 37 right. Sharpen.
Don't drop shadow these.

Fuzzy Dice- Resize 28%. Sharpen. Add drop shadow.
Position at top right of tag.

Skull 1- Resize 20%. Rotate 13 right. Sharpen & drop shadow.
Place this on top right of tag, above the 'loop' of the dice.

Car- Resize 30%. Mirror. Sharpen.
Position to right of Charm2. Add drop shadow.

Add any other elements if you choose.

Sparkles- resize 80%. 
Use your eraser to clean up an excess you don't want.;)

Crop& resize tag to your preference.
Now add your copyrights & watermark.

Next add your name.
I used Sick Capital Vice for mine.
These are the settings I used for the gradient glow:

Delete the white background layer at the bottom.
Merge visible & then save as a .PNG & you're done.

I hope you enjoyed this tutorial & had fun creating your tag.
I'd love to see any results any of you have trying this. =)


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