09 February, 2012

Ismael Rac- Beautiful Nightmare

* Click for bigger.

I promised Tragedy that not only would I do a tutorial with her amazing kit
 to benefit Garrett Blair, but that I'd also make a tag to show it off as well. =P
If you ever wanted a true 'Goth' kit, 'Garrett's Goddess' is the one to have.
And if you get this kit, you'll also be helping out an amazing artist as well.
So please, stop by Tragedy's blog to donate for this kit.

The artwork I used (named Dark N Sexy) is from Ismael Rac.
As always, thank you for looking. =)



  1. You're welcome, Sweetie.
    I'm happy you like it.
    I have to say, this kit is FUN to play with.
    I have never knocked out two tags from the same kit like that in a row. =)