26 February, 2012

OMG! They're not HIM tags. LOL

Aside from my 2 most recent tutorials, 
I have been 'stuck' on making HIM tags. *blush*
BUT! Last night, I took the initiative to go through kits I've bought,
 with the intent to use and my tubes as well (I'm a tube & kit hoarder)
& try to get back on track making non-HIM tags.
I think I succeeded, at least with these two:

* Click for bigger

The tube I used is the stunning Rebel Rider 3 from Jose Cano.
You can find it at PTE.
The kit I used is from Kristin at Toxic Desirez & is called Rebel Rider 1.
The template (Collab02) is an awesome temp from Tasha, Amy & Leah.
You can find it at Tasha's Playground.

The other tag I got made is this one:
*Click for bigger

The tube I used is a beautiful pre-paid exclusive from Sky Scraps at SATC.
The kit I used is from Bello Scarto & is called Sorry Officer I Been A Bad Girl.
It can be found at SATC. 
The template is from from Tamie at Addictive Pleasures.
It's in her CM temp pack you can download from her blog.;)

As always, thank you for looking. =)

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