31 March, 2012

FTU- Commercial Use Glass Heartagrams

I've been working on my HIM-Addicts site the past couple days
and came across some glass heartagrams I'd made & posted 
about a year ago for members there to use on their profile pages.

After looking through my external, I found them all 
(minus the drop shadows) & have them all zipped into a file 
for you to download.

There's 20 of them total. 
A lot of different colours & some with a plaid-like texture.
These are all 436 X 432 pixels in size.

These ARE CU OK so you can add them to kits, if you want.
Please refer to my TOU in the zip file.

Here's a couple examples of what they look like:

They are all in PNG format.
You can now get these here:

Hope some of you can find them useful.
Have fun with them. =)