03 April, 2012

PTU- Spring Is The Season

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This is a pretty easy-peasy animated tag.
It doesn't require a template, nor a frame.;)
Actually, I started with a frame, but The tube wasn't fitting. lol

This tutorial is borne from my own manipulated lil' mind. 

Any similarity to any other tutorial(s) is purely coincidental.
This tutorial was written for those who have a working knowledge of PSP
and was written using PSP XI, tho' any version should work.

Supplies Needed:
Scrapkit: Lovely Spring Day from the multi- talented Tasha at Tasha's Playground.
You can find where to purchase the kit here.
Tube: I'm using the lovely artwork of Olivia named Honeydew.
This tube was available at CDO, but she has since left there. 
At the time of my making this tutorial, it is unknown where to buy her tubes.
Any other tube will work nicely for this tutorial, also.
Do NOT use this artwork unless you have a license to do so 
& have purchased the tube.
Mask: of choice. I am using one from Tonya- Mask4, 
which can be found here from the Creative Misfits.
Texture: Any texture in this gorgeous pack from Coy Dreamer.
you can get the texture pack here.
My supplies: here 
* Make sure to leave some love when downloading the masks & textures.;)

Filters: OptikVerve Labs- Virtual Photographer
Xero- Radiance
Eye Candy 5: Impact- Perspective Shadow
Eye Candy 4000 Gradient Glow 
Font: Any thin fancy script will work.
Let's do this! =)

Save your progress often.;)

Drop shadow used in this tutorial is 2 2 50 5.

Open a new canvas, 600 x 600 px.
Copy & paste paper10.
Next, copy & paste your texture of choice out of the pack.
Set the blend mode to Overlay & drop the opacity down to 70%.
Merge down. Apply mask & merge group. Resize 120%.

Copy & paste the bench. Resize 80%. 
Move down a bit lower & to the right.
Add a drop shadow. Add a new layer under your bench layer. 
Using a preset tube in your program, add some grass under the bench.

On your grass layer- Select all, Float- defloat. Invert.
Copy & paste flowerscatter. Resize 75% & position on the grass. 
Hit delete to remove the excess. Select none.
Duplicate your scattered flowers layer, just so they show up more.;)

Next copy & paste your tube. Position in front of the bench.
On your tube- Select all, float- defloat 
& then apply Virtual Photographer at these settings:
(Floating your tube prevents you from having a default blue background 
showing up on your canvas when using this filter.)
Select none & add a drop shadow to your tube.

Copy & paste the hat. Resize 37% & sharpen. 
Place on the bench & add a drop shadow.

Now copy & paste the flowerbranch. 
Resize 35% & sharpen. Duplicate this & mirror. 
I used 4 of them & set them in 2 separate 'clusters' in the grass.
Look at my tag for placement.

Copy & paste flower4. Resize 45% & sharpen. 
Place one in front of the left side of the bench.
Duplicate twice & add one to each of the flower clusters in the grass.

In your layers palette, drag your tube layer up above these flower clusters.

Now add the umbrella. Resize 40%. Rotate 20 left. 
Sharpen & add a drop shadow. 
Depending on what tube you're using, will be the best 'placement'. ;)

Next, add the flowernest. Resize 45% & sharpen.
Place this near your tube. Add a drop shadow.

Open up frame5. Duplicate it & close out the original.
On this flower frame, crop the bottom hanging flowers, like I have shown here:
You might have to erase any stray bits that are in this cropped image.
Copy & paste this cropped image onto your canvas. 
Rotate 90 right. Resize 60% & sharpen.
Position it like shown in my example on flowernest. 
It should look like it's wrapped around the nest.
Then, add a drop shadow.

Copy & paste the bird. Resize 20% & sharpen. 
Place this little guy on the top of the bench. Duplicate.
 Mirror the duplicated bird & place this little one by her foot.
I added Xero- Radiance to this duplicated bird at these settings:
Add a drop shadow to both these little guys.

Open up my supplies & copy & paste the word art.
Colourise & add a gradient glow to your own preferences.
Position towards the top of your tag.
Then add a drop shadow.

Copy & paste the butterfly. Resize 25% & sharpen.
Place on the flower clusters on the left. Duplicate. 
Mirror the duplicated one & position the other one on the right above the bench.
Add a perspective shadow to both at these settings:
Now, crop & resize your tag as desired.
Next add your proper copyrights & watermarks.
Then add your name with your font of choice.
Apply a medium gradient glow set at 3:
Add a drop shadow.

Now if you don't wish to add animation, merge all layers & save as a PNG.
This is what the PNG version looks like:
If animating, copy merged & paste in Animation Shop.
Next, at the top of Animation Shop, go to Animation- Insert Frames- Empty.
The settings should be like this:
Select all then open the miniblue_butterfly1 in my supplies.
Select all & copy. On the tag, hit CTRL & E key. 
Position where you want the butterfly, then click your mouse to set it.
Repeat with the miniyellow_butterfly. 
I added a couple of each butterflies.
When happy with your butterflies & the animation, 
save as a gif & you're done. 

I hope you enjoyed trying this tutorial. 
I'd love to see your results. =)

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