12 April, 2012

Zlata M- Emo Style

* Click them for bigger.

I made this earlier & of course, I have to gift a few out. =)

*I somehow managed to sprain one of my fingers yesterday, 
so I apologise beforehand for any typos.

The tube I used is a beautiful tube from Zlata_M named EMOstyLe.
You can find this tube at The PSP Project.

I used temp179 from Tamie at Addictive Pleasures.
The kit I used is also from Tamie & is called Emo Style 2.
You can find the kit & temp on her main blog here.

I hope you Sweeties enjoy your prezzies. =)

1 comment:

  1. Wow Magik another beauty! I love it hun and I love love the colors too :) Thank you for making me another pressie Hugzzz