13 June, 2012

FTU- Photo Stock

I've been going through some photos I have 
on my external & found pix from the many times I've gone out 
to the Black Hills (I live in South Dakota).
I thought maybe since some of you are making
July 4th tags, etc, you might have an interest in these. 

I have two zipfiles of photos for now.
One has five photos of Mt.Rushmore.
There is one that is cropped, since I had to take my kids off it.
This is the original (from when my kids were younger):

Here's an example of a tag I made last year with one of my pix:

The other file has nine photos from the Badlands, like this one:

In both files I have made a flair for you as well.;)

You do not have to include credit to me on your tags.
I know that can sometimes be a hassle.;)

I am also allowing these to be used for making elements, 
etc. for scrapkits- But ONLY for Free To Use kits, 
since I'm giving these to you for free.
Read my TOU for the specifics.;)

I do have more, but I'm unable to pull them off 
the photos disks right now- long story. lol
But once I can get them, I'll make them avail. as well.

Right now mediafire is not loading for me, 
so I have them on my 4shared account.
I will get them added to mediafire as soon as I'm able to.

In the meantime here's the 4-shared links:

Mediafire is finally working, so here's those links:

I hope you can find use for these,
have fun with them.

Feel free to send me your creations with them.
I always enjoy seeing your works. =)

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