25 June, 2012

Tag Show Off: Arthur Crowe- Kick Ass Chick

Guess what? It's that time yet again. =P
I have some pressies to give out to my blog friends.

* Click them for bigger.

The tube I used is the stunning artwork from Arthur Crowe.
You can find this & all his other amazing artwork at his store, here.
I used my own Pink'd kit, which can only be found at ART.
I also used an awesome template by Amy & Leah- Template 29-Leah.
You can find this by visiting their blog.;)

I hope you Sweeties enjoy your prezzies. =)

For those of you who are followers & don't have a blog,
drop me a comment with what name you'd like on your tag.
This offer is open for the first 10. I'll post your tags Wed. night. ;)


  1. Thank you so much Magik! I love it!

  2. wooot!!! Thank you so much!!

  3. Wow again! LOVE this and what a sexy hot tag!!! Thank you sooo much for making me one. I've been on vacation just got back late tonight. Thank you HuGzzzzz :)

  4. MAGIK!!! That is an awesome tag!!! I LOVE IT SO MUCH!! Thank you for mine. Huggiez!!