25 June, 2012

Tag Showcase: HIM- themed tag Exclusives

Since late last night I've been making some new exclusive tags 
for members on my Dark Light forum to 'earn' or buy 
with their heartagrams. 

There's only a few of us there who make tags, 
the rest are simply HIM fans, which is awesome, too. 
So, I make exclusive goodies for my members 
(YES- they're a spoiled rotten bunch, but I love 'em. lol)
& make special HIM tags for them- either to earn by post count, 
buy with their heartagrams & occasionally I'll post some for WWO.

This is a new batch that I've been working on since the others 
will be retiring soon. These are exclusive only to my forum & 
are not being offered elsewhere.

Click for bigger on each.;)

Now, this one, I may just keep exclusive to Tragedy & myself. =P
With that being said, my sincerest & deepest apologies to Ville Valo.
BUT! In my defense, I could NOT resist making this tag.
It just had to be made, BabyHeart. 

That is all for now.
Thank you for looking. =)