17 August, 2012

Feel The Rock Tag Show-off & extras

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Yesterday, I saw on my Twitter a small snippet of news a
bout that band I love so much. Since very early this morning, 
more wonderful HIM news has been coming in.
To say I'm ecstatic would be a small understatement.

I have since been blogging & promoting the news
like crazy.... BUT! Those who know me well,
know I LIVE for this. It's a rush for me & I 
really can't put it into words. =)

Anyway, before the second rush of HIM news came in,
I had been working on a comment tag for
my members on my HIM-Addicts site-
just a little something I post on their profiles when time allows.
And I decided to make a batch of extras.
However, I wasn't quite sure what to do with them, so
I decided to offer them here. =)

The tube I used is a commissioned tube Tragedy & I 
had gotten from The Hunter for my Dark Light forum
( I have since discontinued it being available).
The scrap kits I used is from the 
Creatively Scrapping blogtrain. The theme is 'Feel The Rock' 
& it's an awesome mini train you'll want to pick up.;)

Here's one of the extras:
Since there's seven tags total, I chose to put them in a zipfile.
You can get that here:

Enjoy the extras. =)

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