22 August, 2012

Freebie Alert- Kits from the ART store

I have a couple kits I'm putting up on my blog for free.
One was a PTU & I updated it as a FTU
exclusive to the ART store:
You can now download the kit here:

The other kit I'm offering as a freebie was part 
of the Back To School collab in the ART store.
Please be kind about this kit. lol
I don't have much CU stuff for any kind of 'school-themed' kits,
since I never planned on making one.
However, it will work for some tags:
You can snag this kit here:

Enjoy the kits & have fun with them.=)
Your comments are always loved. ;)

If you make anything with these kits,
please send me a message.
I always enjoy seeing what you make.=)