01 August, 2012

Sorry for lack of tuts lately

As some may know, I had taken a leave 
of absence of sorts last month since I had plans 
to move to Rapid City, SD at the end of July.

Since I was going to be moving & had no idea how long 
it would be before I'd be online again,
I took the time to re-design my Dark Light site
as well as the Dark Light forum.
That project alone took me about 3 weeks to complete,
since on the site, the pages have to be done individually.
I finally have that completed as of early Sunday morning.
Tbh, I'm really really happy with how it looks. =)

I also spent some time to join the new Scrap-A-Licious store 
& get set up in there as well as work on my part of the 
Grand Opening collab that is available there.

As for the moving... well, there's been a slight delay. lol
The plan was to move where my one daughter 
was going to move (for personal reasons),
but that hasn't happened... yet. =/

I'm still going to be moving, but right now, 
where & when is kind of unknown until she knows, 
I guess.

So, in the meantime, I'm going to try to get a few 
tuts posted while I am still online & also finish a couple kits 
I've been working on.

With that being said, I wish you all a great new month
& I'll see you soon. =)


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