26 August, 2012

Tag Showoff- HIM Tags & Other HIM Stuffs (lol)

Okay, so it's been a week or so since I've actually 
posted any tutorials. BUT! I have been making tags
& a few other stuffs.

I have made some HIM tags (of course!) 
for the members on my Dark Light forum &
wanted to show them off on my blog.
And I also have made some other thingies too that
a few of you might want to snag or share.

So first, I'll show off the tags.=)

This first tag I used the Heavy Metal Lover kit
from Purple's Kreationz, which can be found 
in the Scrap-A-Licious store.
The images I used are copyright to Ralf Strathmann:

This next tag I used images (again) from 
Ralf Strathmann & my Dark Light kit:

This last tag I made using my Sleepwalking Past Hope kit.
The images are new images of Ville Valo & unfortunately,
at this time it is still currently unknown by anyone
in the HIM 'camp' as to who the photographer is:

Now since there had been HIM news we'd 
gotten just over a week ago, I've been
busy promoting, blogging, etc for these guys.
And of course to help spread the word of 'Love Metal',
I've made a couple Facebook covers. 
Feel free to click these for bigger to save for your 
Facebook timelines. Just please leave the watermarks on them:
This one also has a matching display pic too:

And last, I'd made a couple promo fliers. 
Click for full-sized.;)
This first one, I did use my Dark Light kit:

These next 2 are to help promote the release of 
XX- Two Decades of Love Metal,
which will be released in late Oct.:

Thank you for looking. =)
I hope you enjoy the few goodies I have here for you. 

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