04 September, 2012

More FTU CU Styles

I have 3 new sets of Free CU Photoshop styles for you.
For all three of these sets, there are seamless glitter sheets
that are included.;)

The first set I have for you is a set of 10 Autumn- inspired
Glitter Styles & 10 Satin Styles.
* The satin styles are not shown in this preview:
You can download these here: Autumn Styles.

This next set is a set I made for my Autumn Skies kit.
This is only Glitter styles with the PNG Sheets.
* On a side note, I named these Autumn Nights, since that was
what I was going to name my Autumn Skies kit.;)
You can find these here: Autumn Nights Glitter Styles.

This last set of glitter styles I made for a dear friend.
I told her she could offer them on her blog, but she
didn't feel right doing that, so I'm offering them here for you:
You can find these Glitter Styles here: Glitter Styles 001

Enjoy these styles.
As with all my styles, feel free to mix & match 
for all your projects. =)


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