14 September, 2012

PTU- Bad Student

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This tutorial is borne from my own manipulated lil' mind. 
Any similarity to any other tutorial(s) is purely coincidental.
This tutorial was written for those who have a working 
knowledge of PSP and was written using PSP XI, 
tho' any version should work.

Supplies Needed: 
Scrapkit: I'm using an awesome PTU kit from Purple's Kreationz
named Bad Student. You can find it at Scrap-A-Licious.

Tube: I'm using the kick-ass artwork of Redfill.
You can find this & other amazing tubes at PFD.
Do NOT use this artwork unless you have a license to do so 
& have purchased the tube.

Masks: MB and SW Masks 20 & 36 from
* Leave some love when downloading the masks.;)

Filters: Xero- Radiance
Eye Candy 4000 Gradient Glow 

Fonts: Lainie Day (for the note)
Jacked Up Kinda Luv (for the name)

Drop shadow: 3 3 60 4, black.
Save your progress often.;)
Let's do this! =)

New canvas 650 px X 650 px.

Copy & paste PK-BS-P4.
Apply mask 20 & merge group.
Copy & paste PK-BS-P10.
Apply mask 36 & merge group.

Next, add PK-BS-F2. Resize 70%.
With your magic wand, click inside the frame.
Modify- Expand by 2. Invert.
Copy & paste PK-BS-P8. Hit delete.
Keep selected & add your closeup.
Hit delete. Select none. Crop to canvas.
Apply Xero- Radiance to your closeup at these settings:
Then add a drop shadow.

Next, add your main tube. Resize as needed.
Duplicate. On the top one, add a Gaussian blur of 3.
Change the blend mode to Soft Light.
Desaturate your bottom tube. Add a drop shadow.

Now it's time for some elements.
For each one I added, I sharpened & added a 
drop shadow to, unless specified otherwise.;)

PK-BS-KNUCKLES- 70%. Rotate 12 left.
PK-BS-HEARTAGRAM- 50%. Rotate 5 right.
PK-BS-BAG- 50%
PK-BS-CAN- 40%
PK-BS-BOOK1- 35%. Rotate 13 left.
PK-BS-BOOK2- 35%
PK-BS-PAPERSTACK- 40%. Rotate 8 left.

Next, add some text for you 'note' on the paperstack.
Then copy & paste PK-BS-PEN, resized 40%.
* If animating, add your drop shadow, 
with the shadow on new layer box ticked.

Next, resize your tag to your own preferences.
Then, add your proper copyrights & watermarks.

Next add your name. Add a gradient glow:
Then add your drop shadow. 

Finally, if you're not animating, merge visible 
& save as a PNG & this is how it will look:

If animating, continue:
Copy & paste PK-BS-P3 below the mask layers.
Activate your pen layer. 
Then, using your arrow keys on your keyboard,
tap the down & right arrows about 10 or so 
times to move the pen. Copy merged & paste into A.S.

Back in PSP, tap the right key to move the pen again
 to the right about 10 or so times. 
Copy merged & paste after current in A.S.

Repeat this a few more times, moving the pen to the right 
as you go, so you have 6 frames total in A.S.

Next, click on your pen & position it in the middle 
of the text like my example:
Copy merged & paste after current in A.S.

Back in PSP, move the pen again to the second 
line of text, like shown:
Then copy merged & paste after current in A.S.

Now, continue to use your arrow keys to move the pen 
again from left to right as before, copying merged & pasting 
after current frame in A.S., so you have 13 frames.
Then copy frame 7 & paste after frame 13.
Play your animation.
If happy with how it looks, save as a gif & enjoy.

I hope you enjoyed trying this tutorial.
I'd love to see any of your results. =)


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