25 February, 2013

Retiring: Join Me

Almost a year ago I created this kit that
was supposed to be an exclusive for my 
Dark Light forum. BUT! Instead,
I chose to put it in the store I was selling kits in.

This kit was my 4th kit I'd made at the time
(2 of which were exclusives in my forum).
It is still one of my own personal faves.
It's what started my HIM-spired kit frenzy. lol
And I have created a lot of tags with it.=)

However, I've been thinking about this a while now.
And I've decided that my Join Me kit will be 
retiring on March 18th. After that it will not be 
available anywhere- not even for free.

So, in the stores it's in, I have it marked 
down for $1.00. And for the last few days of Feb., 
with my current sale, you can
snag it for 60 cents.

So if you wanted to pick this kit up & never 
got around to it, now is a great time to do it 
before it's gone forever. ;)

And if you do pick up the kit,
I hope you enjoy it as much as I have. =)


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