24 March, 2013

Ct Tags & Tuts

I have another round of awesome tags from
my Creative Team to show off.

The first batch of tags are Easter tags.

These tags were made
using my Bunnilicious kit.

First, I have two gorgeous tags made by Kelly:

Tragedy made me this pretty tag:
You can find her tutorial here.

This next batch was made with my 
EveryBunny Loves You kit.

This first aww-dorable tag is 
from Belinda:
You can check out her tutorial here.

Tragedy made me this sweet tag:
Her tutorial can be located here.

And I have a tag using my Bunny Express kit.
Callie made this kewt tag:
Find her tutorial here on her blog.

...And I alread have a few hot tags 
using my newest kit- Join Me (Ice).

These first hot tags are from Kelly: 

And Belinda made this wicked tag:
You can sneak a peek at her tutorial here.

And before I end this post, I do have
a couple more tags I have to show off.

Yaya tried my PTU tutorial- 
EveryBunny Loves Garv. This is her fantastic result:
Thank you again, Sweetie for trying the tutorial. =)

And Crazy & Shorty had given a
name suggestion on my Facebook page
when I was looking for a name for my Bunnilicious kit.
He'd come up with the name 'EveryBunny Loves You',
which I thought was too kewt to not make a kit 
so I sent him the kit as gift.
He made me this lovely banner:
Thank you, Hun for this sweet gift. =)

Thank you again, Sweeties for more fabulous taggies! =)

Make sure you stop by these talented Chickies blogs
and see what else they have to show you.
And maybe give them a follow, too. ;)

Thank you for looking. =)


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