27 April, 2013

1 Week Only- Get 3 Free Kits!!!

On Apr. 30, HIM will be releasing their new album,
entitled 'Tears On Tape'.
And since I'd love to see the first week of the
album sales be big for the guys, I have a special offer
I'm running here on my blog for one week only,
starting tomorrow, Apr. 28th:
If you buy the new HIM album,
send me your receipt (black out any personal info. first)
& I'll send you 3 of my kits for FREE
You will get the All Lips Go Blue kit
& 2 other kits of YOUR CHOICE for free. =)

Please type '3 Free kits' in the subject line of your email
& also specify which other 2 kits you want
in your message. 
I will get the kits sent out to you as soon as I can.;)

* This offer is only good for kits I made.
It is not valid for kits made by other designers. Sorry.

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