21 April, 2013

About the PTU Kits Made FTU

I have a couple former PTU kits I've made FTU recently...
and I have a couple more I'll be posting in the coming weeks.;)

First of all, I'm doing this for a few reasons-
the main reason being that I know there
are taggers out there who are able to buy kits
right now for whatever reason(s) and I thought 
my pulling some of my kits from the stores
and offering them here to give them to
those who enjoy tagging would be a way
of giving to the tagging community.

Now, thank you to LadyDragus asking 
about the following: I thought I should clarify about these kits-
IF you have bought the kit in the past, you are still able to use that kit.
You don't have to update it or anything like that. =)

I only have to update the ones I'm offering for free
due to TOU of some designers of  a few items used in the kits.
However, if you want to download the free kit also,
you are more than welcome to do so. ;)

In some cases there will be elements that might 
be changed so they can be free kits.
You are more than welcome to download these kits
& add those replaced elements to
the kit you bought. I don't see that being a problem at this time. 

Thank you again, LadyDragus for your question.
I hope this helps you & any others who were 
wondering about the now FTU kits. =)


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