06 May, 2013

FTU- CU- 'OK' Condom Template

I have a Commercial Use -OK 
condom template for you.

This is 100% safe & effective to prevent
those unwanted pregnancies. =P

In the zipfile is a PSD template & a sample.
This is Tagger-sized only.
* You can remove the 'Don't be silly...' part
on the template when using. 

Please read my TOU on this, 
as I do require credit if used in your kits.;)

You can download this here:
Condom Template

Have fun with the template. =)



  1. Thank you for your freebie ;-)

  2. You're all very welcome for this freebie! I hope you can find good use for it. ;)

    Thank YOU for the 'thank you's', Sweeties. =)


  3. LOL thank you this rocks & I so love the wrapper saying hugs & thanks for sharing your awesome work