04 May, 2013

Notice About a Thief

I'm not sure how to even begin this post.=/
I'm not one to post anything 'drama'-related or to
post random 'bitchiness' or complain on my blog.
I try to stay 'professional' at all times,
regardless what it may pertain to.
It's how I am- how I've always been with anything I've done.

However, I can say I'm a bit disappointed that someone 
had to take advantage of my kindness.
Likewise, I'm equally upset to see other designers 
taken advantage of as well.

I was kind enough to make a some of my PTU kits 
FTU for many of you to enjoy- knowing that there 
are some people in the tagging community that 
simply cannot afford to buy new kits.
I also do what I can to try to make FTU sampler kits 
at times for the same reason.
I honestly don't mind doing this. I love doing it if & when I can.

BUT! It does piss me off when someone has to take things out 
of my kit to make their own kit- 
either for a free kit or PTU kit.

An example- Someone emailed me to
download this person's kit. 
Jenny's Designz is the designer of this kit.
The email I got said I'd be surprised when I unzipped it.
The 'designer' who made the kit decided to rip apart my Pink'd kit 
for her 'Burlesque Gurl' kit.

Eight items from my kit are in her kit.
In my screen shots of the kits side-by-side, you can see they're the same-
same size, same colour & the creation date is the same.
Here's the examples. 
You may have to click for bigger:

 In the examples above, My Pink'd kit is on the left, 
her Burlesque Gurl kit is on the right.
The original date that I created my kit was  back in mid- June of 2012,
 which you can find my old blog post about it here.

And the date I made this FTU is posted here.
I had updated the preview in late March, 
but the elements were made a year ago, 
when I originally created it.
Her kit was 'made' on Apr. 25 of this year, 
by looking at the date of the preview.

On a side note, my kit was only updated to remove 10 elements 
that were not allowed for free kits. It is otherwise original.
And like on the original preview & on the updated one, 
it clearly states that the kit is for Personal Use only.
This is also stated clearly in my TOU which is included in the zipfile of the kit.

What bothers me most, is I paid for many of the Commercial Use 
items I used in my kit-be it scripts, element packs, 
templates, etc... she did not- at least not for the elements 
she stole from my kit.

I know other designers go through this as well. 
It bothers me people have to be dishonest like this. =/
It simply proves that the thieves who steal from others' 
kits to make their own have no consideration for 
the money we paid for the items we put in our kits.
Nor do they have consideration for the time
we take to create the kits we sell or offer free.

Now I can only suggest that any designers, Creative Team members 
for other designers, etc. to pass this info on for others to download 
her kits & see if she's ripped others' kits to make her own.
I've seen elements in another ftu kit of hers 
I decided to download as well & the elements 
that are in that kit were originally created over 3 years ago...
And my guess is she's just transferring elements from 
kits into her kits that she's making.

With that being said, I have another former PTU kit 
I was going to post here as FTU as well as 2 FTU 
sampler kits I was planning on posting soon as well...
BUT! I'm considering not doing this for a while. 
I might just offer the downloads off my Facebook page to 
my friends. 
I don't want to do this- as it seems unfair to 'punish' 
honest people because of the wrong-doings of someone else. 
However, I must admit I'm feeling a bit 'sour' on this whole deal.


  1. Did you contact her about it? That really sucks! Could be that she bought something from someone who had your items though. I really appreciate it when someone offers ftu, and can't imagine doing that to them.



  2. In some blogs I found the same problems kits theft, that is very bad vibes, because you work so hard to do their job to be stolen.=(