04 July, 2013

A Note About My CU Items & Updated CU TOU

After much thought about my CU items,
I have decided that I will not (ever) 
be trying to sell them. =)

There are a few factors in my decision:
1- People who are just starting out, 
may not be able to afford to buy CU products.

2- I want to be able to provide something for those 
who may only make kits on occasion for forum 
challenges, etc. without them having to buy any 
of my items they might like to use. 

3- For me it would be too much of a hassle to add 
them to the stores I sell in.

So, with that being said, effective immediately 
for all my previous CU items
(excluding my PS styles & glitter sheets) 
& future items I'll be posting,
credit to me MUST be given in your TOU or credit document 
that you put in your kits. 
I think this is only fair since I'm 
giving my items away for free use.;) 

I have updated all my TOU & made pages for each of them. 
My CU TOU (excluding Styles) with the updated info,
can be found here, or by clicking the CU TOU tab
located under my header. ;)

I also have an updated TOU for the PS Styles posted as well.
At this time I'm not requiring credit on those. ;)

I hope you enjoy & can use the CU items 
I have offered & will be offering.
Yes, I plan to have some more CU 
goodies coming soon. =P

Stay tuned....

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