08 July, 2013

CT Cluster Frames & Extras

I have more goodies to post,
but wanted to get some CT stuff posted first.
I was going to also post the awesome tags my
Creative Team has made, but I need to get them
all sorted first.

BUT! I do have some amazing CT frames
& extras for you that Amisha has made
since she's been on my creative team.
Amisha has done a wonderful job on these
frames & I was finally able to track down
where they're at on her blog. =)

The first frame is from my Adrenalize kit:
Pick it up on her blog, here.
*Make sure to give her lots of loving for this
awesome frame. ;)
Also, at the same blog address Amisha
has 2 sets of beautiful extras for you.
Here's what set 1 looks like:

Also, she has another set of extras she made for
you with her cluster frame she made with the kit:
Again, give her some love for these amazing extras, too. ;)

The other stellar frame Amisha made was
with my All Lips Go Blue kit:

You can pick up this rockin' frame on her blog here.
8 Give her lovin' for her awesome work. ;)

And while you're there, you might want
to pick up these wicked extras from her.
This is the first one:

She also has this beautiful set made with the frame:

And last but not least, Amisha has this set of
beautiful extras for you, made with my 
GangStarr kit:

Pick them up here on her blog.
Let her know how much she rocks, when snagging. ;)

I hope you enjoy the frames & extras
Amisha has made for you. =)

Thank you, Amisha for some stunning work! =)


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