15 July, 2013

FTU CU-Okay Circle Frames

I know there's been a lot of frames made like these. lol
And just to be clear, I'm not saying mine
are any better.;)
However, I made these so that the narrow part 
of the circle frame is a bit wider to allow adding
a glass effect without the glass effect looking not 
so good on that thin side. ;)
I have tried using a glass effect on a few frames 
I'd obtained over the past couple years & that narrow side 
is just too narrow to add a glass effect,
so these frames are for just for that purpose. ;)
The zipfile contains 1 PSD template with 
shaded & unshaded layers.
There is also 4 additional glass layers
on the template for more customization. ;)
I also included another PSD file that has 
6 coloured frames in different gradients
& also the 4 glass layers to use in your kits.
You can download the file here:
CU Circle Frames
I hope you enjoy these frames & can make good use of them. =)