17 July, 2013

Notice- I'm No Longer In Mischief Scrapz

I just wanted to give you all a head's up that 
I'm no longer in the Mischief Scrapz store.

I'm not trying to cause drama or anything,
since I honestly don't know much about the store,
the owners, etc. BUT! the store has been in 
maintenance mode for over 2 weeks now & I 
honestly have no idea what's going on. =/

I have removed all my items from the ftp there 
& tried to delete my products at the store.
However, since it's in maintenance mode,
I'm not able to remove them. >.<

So, I just wanted to alert you all NOT to
buy my kits there. You will waste money trying
& I sincerely would hate for that to happen. =/
If I can manage a way to get my stuff deleted,
I will be doing so, but right now that's not happening. 

I do want to thank the people at Mischief Scrapz
for allowing me to be there. I didn't really know them,
but I wish them all nothing but the best &
hope whatever issue they have at the store
that they can get it resolved.

Thank you for reading. =)

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