04 July, 2013

Tag Show-Offs: Manipulated By Magik Style

Over the past couple months I've made 
some tags with a few of my kits.
I tend to do this to 'test' my kits even 
before my CT gets them just to 
double check the items in the kits & to 
re-assure myself that they're not going to 
be 'hard' to use & that they don't 'suck'. lol.;)

I know I haven't posted much of my own tags in 
a very long time, aside from a few extras or tutorials 
here & there. So, I thought I'd post some of those 
tags now, and make a nice 'gap'
before I post more goodies for you. ;)

I hope they spark some inspiration for you. =)

These were made a few months back
with my GangStarr kit.
Some of these I had offered in my 
Tag Request Group on Facebook:

These next couple of tags were made
with my Adrenalize kit & also were Tag offers
in my group:

And last (for now) are some my tags
made with my All Lips Go Blue kit:

Thank you for looking. =)


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