19 August, 2013

Tag Showoffs

I haven't posted any of my own tags here in a while.
Mostly my own tags get posted as tutorials. =)
BUT! I have a few I've made with my own kits 
that I wanted to post- and yes, most of these are
HIM tags or stuff made exclusively for my 
HIM-Addicts members. =P
*On a side note, some will have 'sample' 
across them. The reason is to deter certain
HIM fans from stealing them to rip them,
which tends to happen too often.

These first set of tags was made
with my PTU W.L.S.T.D. kit &/ or freebie kit:

I also made two different sets of desktop backgrounds,
for my Addicts:

And a set of extras for them: 

I also made them a desktop background 
with my All Lips Go Blue kit:

I made this tag with my Dark Light kit.
This might become an exclusive tag for my Addicts.;)

I made these tags with my Touch Of Goth kit.
This one was made as a comment pretty 
I left on their pages:

This one was made for members who 
joined our chat party: 

And I had a play with my Bad Student kit:

Last but not least, if you've scrolled through
this far, I have a few tags I made a while
back from my kits for you to snag & use.
These were made for fun for closing tag offers. =P

Thank you for looking. =)
I'll be posting my awesome CT tags later.;)

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