20 August, 2013

TOU Update On My Kits

It has been announced as of late Sat. night 
that a certain CU designer has changed her 
TOU and no longer allows cluster frames to 
be made with any of her CU items that any 
of us designers use in our kits. 

Because of this, I had to change my TOU for my kits 
& this change is effective as of now. 

*EFFECTIVE 8-20-2013*
Cluster frames can NOT be made with ANY of 
my kits without written permission from me, 
since some CU designers do not allow cluster frames
to be made with their products.

Please contact me before creating any clusters using 
any of my kits. Thank you. =)

This change to my TOU will be added in any new 
kits that are released after today. 
You can always refer to my TOU for
my kits on my page here.
That page will always be updated with
my latest TOU regarding my kits.;)

If you have any questions as always please feel free to 
contact me via email MagikD[@]live.com
(Remove the bracket around the @ symbol first.)

Thank you for reading & your understanding. =)


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