16 September, 2013

Check This Out- Awesome Posers

I got a comment on one of my blog posts
for my FTU Skull-Tastic kit.
Tamara (Tammy) Widitz made these awesome 
posers that match perfectly with my kit. =)

To be honest, I am quite flattered she chose one
of my kits to make posers with. =)

First of all here's the kit:
The download link is posted here.

And this is one of Tamara's posers
(I sized it down & put it on a background):
You can check this out on here blog here.
Now right above her preview of this tube,
click where it says 'Scrap'.
There's some more beautiful tubes 
that are inspired by kits.

The ones she made for Skull-Tastic is almost
halfway down the page.;)

These are FTU. Please leave her some love
if you grab any of them. ;)
Also, make sure to check out her
FAQ page so you know how to credit her.;)

Thank you for checking her out.=)

Thank you again, Tammy for showing
me your beautiful creations. 
These are brilliant, Sweetie. =)


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