05 November, 2013

Notice- About Tag templates & Cluster frames

I'm really sorry I've had to do this...
but lately I have been having some issues with
some 'spiteful' ex-CT members causing more 
& more problems with me & I have 
more issues with them causing shit every week.
It literally never stops. They have deleted albums from 
one of my PB accounts, one deleted a doc. from my CT 
before she left & it just goes on & on.
This is how adults act? Seriously?
And why? Probably because it all goes back to Jenny
since they were her friends/ on her CT 
before I accidentally stumbled upon her 
ripping my kits again a couple months ago.

So, the latest from them?
Reporting my tag templates to Mediafire.
So because of that, I have gone through this blog
& I have Deactivated all links to ALL
my tag templates. Likewise, I have also
deactivated links to word arts,
my animated blings, cluster frames
(unless they were made with MY OWN kits).

I'm really sorry for the convenience.
Truly I am. Thank the ones who have to
keep pulling bullshit with me.

Sadly, over time, I'm sure I'll
end up pulling everything off my blog
because of the bitches who find
it necessary to continue acting like
preschoolers. Though it would be
SO nice if they'd just pick up their damn
toys & move along already. 
Because in reality- Karma is a bitch..
and what goes around, comes around
& I guarantee, I can make their online presences

With that being said,
if by chance you are trying one of
my tutorials that requires one of my 
own templates to use, you can email me & I can 
send it to you. That isn't a problem.
Again, I apologise for the inconvenience.


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