26 January, 2014

CT Tags- & More Posers From Tammy

I have another batch of amazing
CT tags to show off. =)

This first batch of tags was made 
with my Be Mine kit.
This gorgeous tag if from Belinda:
She has a fab tutorial for you here.

These next 2 fab tags were made by Kelly:

Callie had made this lovely tag:
Check out her tutorial here.

Jeannine made this adorable tag:
Find her tutorial here.

And Tragedy made this stunning tag:
Her tutorial can be found here on her blog.

The next few tags were made with 
my Screw Valentines kit:
This first stunning tag is from Jeannine:
Her tutorial is here for you to check out.

This stellar tag is from Belinda:
She has her tutorial here for you.

And this wicked tag is from Tragedy:
Her tutorial comes hot off her PSP to you, here.

Next are a few tags with my
Pynk Panther kit.
These first 2 killer tags are from Jax:

And Anna did a stunning job with this tag:
Her tutorial can be found here.

And last, but not least, Robyne revisited my City Chic
kit to make this beautiful tag:
She has a tutorial for you here.

...And before I end this post, I have another
stellar set of Poser tubes to show off to you.
Tammy made this with my FTU Love, Always kit
& they are just beautiful:
You can grab these from her blog, here.
Make sure to leave her love for taking the time
to make these for you. ;)

Thank you for looking. =)
Please feel free to check out the blogs
of my Awesome Creative Team...
and visit Tammy's too. =)


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