03 January, 2014

Magik's Tag Show-Off

I hope you're not sick of seeing Christmas tags yet. LOL

I haven't written any tutorials lately since I haven't had
 the time, but last month I was still making tags...
just HIM-spired tags for some of my members 
on my HIM-Addicts site. Okay, so there's a few 
that aren't HIM-spired, but still. =P
Some of these are made with my own kits
& some were made using kits by other designers.;)

First of all, each month I make 
little 'exclusive' goodies for my members. 
For Dec. they got quite a few goodies. =)
I made them 3 sets of extras:

...A desktop background:
...And an animated snow globe, per 'tradition' over there, 
which I don't have a 'sample' of. Sorry. =/

For Dec. I also created an 'event', called 
HIM-Addicts Ho Ho Ho.
And made some goodies for those who 
signed up for special tags. =)

These first few tags we made & given out
in a zipfile... also know as a 'stocking':

And I also had a 12 Days of Christmas,
where the members who signed up,
got a new tag each day, including a special 
personalized snow globe. Here they are:

Thank you for looking. =)


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