28 January, 2014

PTU- My Heart Belongs To You

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This tutorial is borne from my own manipulated lil' mind. 
Any similarity to any other tutorial(s) is purely coincidental.
This tutorial was written for those who have a working 
knowledge of PSP and was written using PSP X1, 
tho' any version should work.

Supplies Needed: 
Scrapkit: I'm using my PTU kit , Be Mine.
You can find this in all my stores, located on the right.;)

Tube: I'm using the artwork of Arthur Crowe.
This is my own commission from him for my 
HIM-Addicts & Dark Lights sites.
Do NOT use any artwork unless you have a license to do so 
& have purchased or obtained the tube legally.

You can find the template here.
* Leave her some lovin' for the template. ;) 

Mask: Of choice, if preferred.

Filters: Xero- Seasons
Xero- Radiance

Font: My First Crush (Thin)

Drop shadow: 3 3 50 15, black. 
Save your progress often.;)

Let's do this! =)

Open up the template. Duplicate it & close original. 
Delete the credit layer at the top.

Resize the template so it's 650 X 650 px, all layers ticked.
Working from the bottom layer of the template, up:

Layers 1, 2 & 3- Use your manual colour correction tool 
to change the colour, with #c71350 as your source
& #c00000 as your target.
Add a drop shadow to each layer.

Merge layer 6 down onto 5, then merge down onto 4.
Then, Select all- float. Defloat- Invert. 
Delete this layer & paste paper 9, resized 80%.
Hit delete & select none. 

For layers 7, 8, 9 & 10
Use your manual colour correction tool 
to change the colour, with #ffebfb as your source
& #ff4040 as your target.
Change the Opacity on each to 75%.
Add a drop shadow to each layer.

11- add a drop shadow.

12- Select all- float. Defloat- Invert.
Delete this layer & paste paper 3, resized 80%. 
Hit delete & select none. 

Layers 13 & 14- Drop shadow.

15- Select all- float. Defloat- Invert.
Delete this layer & paste paper 11, resized 70%.
Hit delete. Then add your tube or closeup.
Resize as needed. Hit delete & select none.
Crop to canvas. 
Duplicate your paper layer & Mirror. Delete layer 16.
Duplicate the closeup layer & mirror.
(You may have to move this above your paper layer.)

Then on your tubes, add the blinds effect at these settings:
* Note, if you're plan on resizing your tag, 
wait to do this step LAST.
Then, add a drop shadow to the left tube only.

17- Use your manual colour correction tool 
to change the colour, with #da060a as your source
& #c00000 as your target. Drop shadow.

19- Do the same as layer 17, using the same target. 
Drop shadow.
I linked layers 17 & 18 together & 19 & 20 together.
Layers 17/18 I moved slightly up & to the left.
Layers 19/20 I moved slightly up. 

Next add your main tube. Resize as needed.
Position in the middle of the tag & move below 
the word art in layers palette.
Apply Xero- Seasons at these settings:
Then apply Xero- Radiance at these settings:
Add a drop shadow.

Next we'll add some elements.
For each one, I added a drop shadow to, 
unless specified otherwise.

spiral- 85%. Move slightly to the left.
Duplicate & mirror. Merge down.
Right click in layers palette & send to bottom.

doodle- 80%.
Place this on the top, middle.
Move below your main tube in layers palette.

giftbox- 45%
Place on the right side.

box of chocolates- 40%
Place on the lower right, in front of giftbox.

cupcake- 50%. 
Place on the right of tube.

balloons- 65%. Place on top left.
Erase a bit of the 'string' that overlaps onto your tube.

bow 2- 65%. Mirror & place on right,
as shown on my example.

mailbox- 80%. Place on the left.

Valentine- 35%. Rotate 10 right.
Place 'under' the mailbox.

rose 2- 30%. 
Place off to the left of the mailbox.

butterfly- Duplicate. Resize one 25%. 
Rotate 35 left & sharpen.
Place over the rose on the left.
Add the following for your drop shadow:
12 14 70 15, black.
Resize the other butterfly 18%.
Rotate this one 27 right. Sharpen.
Place this one on the top right.
Add the same drop shadow.

Add any other elements, if you prefer at this time.
* Make sure you reset your drop shadow to the settings 
used for the rest of the tag.;)

If you wish to add a mask, add a paper of choice.
Apply your mask of choice & merge group.
Move the mask to bottom in layers palette 
& resize as necessary.

... Or, instead of using a mask, I added frame 1.
I moved it up just slightly in the canvas.
Then, I right clicked in layers palette to 
send to bottom & added a drop shadow.

Now, crop/ resize your tag to your own preferences.
* I did crop mine just a little bit, on the left.
So mine is 645 px wide by 650 px in height.

**If you resized your tag, go back & 
add the blinds effect to your closeups. ;)

Next, add your proper copyrights & watermarks.

Next add your name, with the font set at 'bold'.
Next, add a bevel:
Then add a drop shadow.

Finally, merge visible, save as a PNG & enjoy. =)

I hope had fun trying this tutorial.
I'd love to see your results. =)

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