08 March, 2014

FTU- CU- Okay Bubble Frame Template

It's been a while since I've offered any CU goodies on my blog,
so thought I'd post a little something for you. ;)

When making my Spring Fling kit, 
I made this frame since I was thinking of
bubble blowing, thus the name of the frame,
and how it looks... which may be a bit 'funky'. LOL

Anyhow I tried to make this as
big as I possibly could for those who prefer 
a full-sized frame, so I hope it's big enough:
The frame itself measures 1168 X 1156 px.
The template comes with shaded, unshaded &
 glass layers & is in PSD format so it should open
in any program. ;)

There are also 2 sample frames included in the 
zipfile for you. ;)

You can download this from me here:

I hope you can make use of it. =)
As always, your comments are very much
appreciated. =)