21 March, 2014

Spoiling my Creative Team

In the past I had made a kit for my Ct for only them,
mainly a 'test' kit because I had changed monitors
& wanted them to look & see how the kit looked.

Since then I have given them old forum exclusive 
kits I made for my Dark Light forum & recently
made this kit for them only:
This kit was supposed to go into my Dark Light 
forum as an exclusive there after I had re-designed 
the site & the forum. I had made some of the papers,
etc. just for that purpose but never got the kit made
until a couple weeks ago. I added to it & made it special for
my CT girls so they can have something special
& rare. =)

And I also made my guitar, Sally 
(the one Jenny pulls from my Pink'd kit all the time)
available to them as well:
So far 2 of my members have it.
Over on the right I have a list of who has
a special license from me to use this in their kits.
So if you see the guitar in kits from those people,
they DO have permission from me & they do
have a license for it. ;)

And that was mainly the purpose of this post-
so everyone knows a few people do have that item 
of mine & that they have permissions.
Jenny Pierce is not one of those people,
nor will she ever be. 

Thank you for reading. =)


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