17 June, 2014

Magik's Tag Show Offs

It's that time again...

Some of you may know that at times I do CT 
my own kits, because:
#1- My CT isn't huge nor do I want it to be.
#2 I think it's good to know your own kits
& also show others that you're making kits that
you- yourself are happy to use as well. =P

Anyway, these are the tags I've made 
the past few weeks using my own kits.
Some are HIM tags, just so you know. =P

It goes without saying to not take these tags
& alter/ change them nor claim them as your own.
Also, please do not try to recreate them without my permission.
These are only examples of my own work, only.
Thank you for understanding my rules about my tags. =)

To start off, I made a couple tags with
my Bitches Be Trippin' kit:

These next four tags were made using my 
Join Me In Death kit:

Now, I did make a 3rd tag with that kit & I used
a template from Kristin of Toxic Desirez:

And here's the fourth tag:

The next tags were made with my 
Fancy My Booty? kit:

Just kind of playing I made this tag
with my old Swag Alley Blues kit:

And this last tag (I have a set of extras I'll post later)
was made with my Yo Ho Ho kit:

Thank you so much for looking. =)


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