28 July, 2014

TOU Violations, Kit Ripping- Part 2

  If you've read my previous post, 
you know who this is about.

In this post, I'm just going to share a few 
kit previews of hers or tags from her CT where
I can see items from my kits that she used-
some of these items not being available since SATC closed
its doors last Nov.

But, before I get into that, I also want you 
all to know that the one store owner did ask 
Anna to remove her  Love Meow kit from the store & gave
 her a warning that no other issues should come up.

Interestingly enough, Anna removed ALL
her kits from all her stores.
She even went as far as to remove 
posts about her kits from her blog 
(except CT tags) & also removed
all the previews of her kits from her fanpage
on Facebook. 
Why would someone do that unless they knew
their kits contained pirated items?

Now then, I'm just going to post a few previews
of hers that I was able to get before they disappeared.

Her kit: 'I love SF':
See that beer glass on the right?

Lookie here, from my Summer Days kit:
Interesting, huh?
Anna wrote a tut for my Summer Days kit, btw.
Here it is.

How about the rocket on the left of this tag 
with her Bling On The 4th kit:

Kind of looks like my rocket in my FTU Sampler:
And on a side note... that rocket came from 
Bibi back in 2011 at SATC when she had this 
Buy My Christmas Store & that was 
a template in that deal. I originally bought the deal for the kits,
but I kept the other stuff for no real reason. LOL.
Note that this was removed from the store 
at the end of Dec. 2011.

Well, now. Aren't those pink sparkles pretty?
This is a CT tag made with her Pink Just Got Real kit:
Those sparkles in the background,
esp. those ringed sparkles?
 They haven't been available since SATC closed.
Why? Because they came from Skyscraps:

I've used those sparkle rings a few times 
in my kits (I LOVE them!)
Most notably in my Adrenalize kit. 
And Anna made a tutorial with that kit here.

And how about the shoes in this tag
made with her kit?:
(Yes the tag is that size from Anna's blog)

If she really bought that CU item, why would she make it all 
just one colour when it comes like this (see the layers?):
Again, that's an item I've used in some of my kits
from a CU that I paid for.

That last question is interesting, & here's why.
A while back when she was still on my CT, she'd asked me
a question I thought was strange at the time.
Knowing what I know now, I understand what she meant 
by 'stacked colours'- she wanted to make items she
was stealing from kits look as though they 
were made from scripts, etc. one would normally buy.

I'll share that convo with you now:

Again, at the time I didn't know what she meant 
by 'stacked colours'. After seeing a few of her earlier kit
previews, I now know what she was trying to achieve.

Now there's other things I could get into like her
desperately wanting my old kit preview but
I'm just so over it all.
I will however let you read my screen caps:

There has been talk with some from my CT that wonder
if she was trying to replicate my kits to get sales.
I still have no idea, I do however know she'd once told me 
she'd sold a couple kits after changing to my old preview.

As far as anyone who bought her kits & 
maybe mistaking them for mine- you might want to 
ask for your money back since chances are
the kit you bought contains pirated items 
from other kits from other designers.
..And if you bought the kits thinking they
were mine- I'm very very sorry. I can't help you. =/

Now, before I close this blog post,
Anna at one time did have a license to use 
my commissioned Ville tubes from Arthur Crowe 
& The Hunter. These are the tubes:

Her license was MagikCT006AC 
Her license has been revoked for these tubes!
She is not allowed to use them at all in any way.
And if she were to try to share them with you,
delete them & let me know ASAP.
I do NOT trust her. AT ALL.

Knowing everything I know about her now
she is someone who cannot be trusted even the slightest.

Also, I want it noted that permission for Anna
 to use ANY of my CU items is revoked!
I am not risking her selling my items I give away 
for free for others to use for their kits.
If I'm not making money off my CU items,
she shouldn't be either! End of.

So, in conclusion, Anna-
delete my tubes, kits & my CU items NOW.
You are no longer allowed to use anything from my blog
or anything you got while on my CT.

Thank you all again for reading.
Feel free to pass the information from both posts
onto people. The more people know, the better. ;)


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