02 August, 2014

CT Tags... Round Four & An Update On HIM-spired Kits

These tags are all made with my HIM-spired kits.
I decided to group these together because I also have 
an update about my HIM-spired kits.

So, before I post the tags, I'll give you the update.
Since the Mystical Scraps store has  a HIM 
section now, I have decided that my HIM-spired kits 
will be exclusive only at that store.

As of right yesterday, the following 
HIM-spired kits are no longer at PFD:
-Join Me In Death
- Into the Night
- Vampire Heart
- Trapped In Autumn Synkkä
- Trapped In Autumn Valoisa 
- W.L.S.T.D.
- All Lips Go Blue
- Join Me (Ice), 
- Like St. Valentine
- Funeral Of Hearts 1
- Funeral Of Hearts 2- Revisited

The last two, The Funeral Of Hearts kits-
will be getting revamped a little bit &
will be going into the Mystical Scraps store soon.
For some reason, I never got them in there
the first time around.

I did keep three kits at PFD:
Dark Light, Sleepwalking Past Hope 
& Gone With The Sin. 
In time, I might consider pulling those as well.

With that, let s get some tags posted,
shall we? I hope you enjoy these as much as I do.

These first tags were made with my
Join Me (Ice) kit & were made by Angyy:

While on the 'Join Me' theme, this next batch 
of tags were made with my recently re-released/
 revamped Join Me In Death kit.
The first one is from Belinda:
Check out her awesome tutorial here.

Celine made this beautiful tag:
She has a tutorial for you here.

 Angyy made these two tags with the kit:

And I have this tag from Corinna:

She has a wicked tutorial for you here.

Corinna made these tags
with my Trapped In Autumn- Synkkä kit:

She also has two sets of extras for you here.

Christie made me the following two tags
with my Gone With The Sin kit:

The following tags were made with 
my Into The Night kit.

This one is from Melinou:
She also has a tutorial for you here.

Celine made this tag:
Find her tutorial here.

And Tragedy made this tag:
She has a tutorial for you here on her blog.

These last tags were made with my 
All Lips Go Blue kit.

the first two are from Alisha:

These two are from Angyy:

Thank you again, Sweeties for all these
absolutely stunning tags. =)

Thank you for looking.
Feel free to stop by the blogs
& see what other goodies these ladies have for you. ;)


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