01 August, 2014

CT Tags... Round One

Wow!! It's amazing how the CT tags in the group
can sneak up on a person! o.O

I have a lot of tags to show off from my amazing team.
Some of these tags go back to May, 
so please bare with me.

As always, I'll be posting tags in separate posts
because there's just so many of them. LOL

Let's get this started. I invite you to scroll
through & enjoy the beautiful tags. =)

The first few tags were made
with my Pynk Panther kit.

The first two come from Angyy:

These two tags are from Christie:

The next couple tags were made with my 
Candied Butterflies kit.
This first tag comes from Belinda:
Check out her tutorial for it here.

This one is from Melinou.
She actually used the limited time
FTU version of the kit:
Her tutorial is here.

These next  tags were made with my 
Bitches Be Trippin kit.
This first tag comes from Belinda
Find her tutorial for it here.

This one is from Melinou:
Check out her tutorial here.

Anggy made me these two tags:

And Corinna made this tag:
Find her tutorial here.

Thank you to all the awesome Ladies for
my equally awesome tags. =)

Thank you for stopping by & taking a look. =)
Feel free to visit the blogs of my awesome CT.
Maybe give them a follow, too? ;)

I'll be posting another batch of CT tags, soon. =)


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