09 August, 2014

You Rawk My Socks Award 2

Yup. I got the award again. LOL
This time I received it from Robyne.
Thank you so much, Sweetie!!
You rawk my socks, too!! =)

And I get to send this award out again 
to 5 more people who rawk my socks. =)

The five people I have chosen are as amazing as the first
& second batch of five I've sent this award out to.
yes, they also rawk my socks!

So here's my newest list of who should
also get this award:

Derika Lena

Thank you Sweeties for being who you are
& rocking our socks! =)

If you have received the award, 
please place it on your blog and send it out 
to five people who rawk your socks! =)


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