31 January, 2015

Exclusive Kits....

I've made a couple exclusive kits for 
my HIM-Addicts site. These are kits that
will never be sold in stores.

A few years ago I had gotten a commissioned
tube from Arthur Crowe for my HIM-Addicts site
and the following year I got another from The Hunter.
When I put the sites on hiatus for a while,
I had removed the tubes from being available.

Recently, however, I decided to make them
'earnable' again on my site & I also
 made a couple kits to somewhat match them,
with more to come in the future.

I wanted to kind of show them off a bit here. =)

The first kit I made, I made to
match with my Hunter tube, although
this kit should/ will work with any other tube.

This is the artwork:

And this is the kit: 'Dirty Rocker Boy':
The second kit I made was for my Arthur Crowe tube,
but again, it would/ should work with any artwork.

This is the tube:

And the kit: 'Stigmata Diaboli':

Again, these kits are not available
in any store. They can only be obtained 
through my site. ;)

Thank you for looking. =)


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