07 February, 2015

CT Tags

I thought I should post some tags
from my Creative Team.

This won't be a long post, so no worries. ;)

The first tags were made with my 
'Hearts At War' kit.

This first stellar tag comes from Jeannine:
You find here awesome tutorial here on her blog.

Belinda made this hot tag:
Check out her blog here for this wicked tutorial.

And Tragedy made me this stunning tag:
She has an awesome tutorial for you here.

The next couple tags were made with my 'Smooochez' kit:

This gorgeous tag comes from Belinda:
You can find her tutorial here.

Jeannine made this beautiful tag:
Check out her tutorial here.

I also have a couple tags made with my
'Purrfect Valentine' kit.

Belinda made this adorable tag:
Try out her tutorial here on blog.

Jeannine made this stunning tag:
Find her tutorial here on her blog.

I have this awesome tag from Tragedy,
using my 'Razorblade Kiss' kit:
She has a tutorial for you here on her blog.

The next couple of tags were made by Belinda.
I had made a couple exclusive kits for my HIM-Addicts
site & she did a great job tagging them.

For this first one, she used my
exclusive 'Dirty rocker Boy' kit along with one
of my commissioned tubes:
Check out her smokin' hot tutorial here.

For this other tag, she used my 
exclusive 'Stigmata Diaboli' kit:
Her awesome tutorial for this tag can be found here.

Last month, I made my 'Valentines For Alexis' kit
FTU on my blog for you all to enjoy.
Jeannine made me this gorgeous tag with the kit:
She also wrote a tutorial for the tag. Find that here

As I have said before, I love seeing tags made with my kits.
And I have two gorgeous tags to show off
that I got in my email.

Shelly made this stunning tag with the FTU 
'Valentines For Alexis' kit:
Thank you again, Sweetie for the fab tag. =)

And today I got this beautiful tag from Anita.
She used my FTU 'Feeling Lucky' kit:
Thank you again, Hun, for the lovely tag. =)

Thank you for checking out all these stunning tags.
Be sure to follow my talented CT girls, too. =)


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