02 May, 2015

Retired... From The PSP/ Tagging Community

Some of you may or may not have noticed
that I am no longer in the Mystical Scraps store.

As of yesterday, I'm 'technically' retired.
...At least retired from the PSP/ Tagging Community.
I knew back in Dec. when I went into 'semi-retirement',
that by Summer I'd be retiring completely.
That time has come.

Anyway, I didn't make a post on my blog
or make a large hub-bub about it last month,
since I preferred to kind of leave in peace & quiet-
kind of the way I came into the tagging & PSP Community.

Several reasons prompted my decision
to leave the Community, some of which I
prefer to keep to myself. BUT!
The most prominent reason behind my leaving
was simply because I don't have the time
to commit to making kits & adding them
to the store regularly like all other
designers in the store. I personally felt that 
it was unfair of me to continue to be in the store-
any store- when I can't really contribute much 
but only as time allows.

Holly (aka Freek) has been super amazing to me & I am
forever grateful for her patience & allowing me to be 
in the store for as long as I had been- 
which was since it first opened in late 2012. =)

If anything, the whole experience has taught me a lot.
 I have always had a lot of respect for those 
who are designers & always will. =)

Now with that all being said,
I'm not going away completely, but
I will not be active in the PSP/ Tagging community.
I will continue to test scripts for those I test for
& on occasion update my blog with freebies & stuff.
I'll still purchase scripts, kits, etc. & keep my eyes on many 
of you to see what you're up to, 
but for the most part, I'm just not going to be a part of it-
share my creations or contributions.

As for kits... I will make them at times,
but they will not be in any store.
Some will only be available to be earned 
& some for sale on my HIM-Addicts site,
since I do have a 'store' set up there.
 I have added many of my previously made kits 
there already & I'm trying to finish the small 
details in setting it up completely.

I will not be advertising any of the kits I make, except on my blog,
in my one ad group on FB & my own personal FB page.
I simply don't have the time to do more than that.

With that being said, I do appreciate the friendships 
I've made & the learning experience. I really do. 

I bid you all the very best in the future &
hope to see you around. =)

Take care of yourselves!