29 June, 2015

FTU- Peaceful Reflections Extras

For these extras, I used my own newly released,
'Reflections Of Her' kit which is exclusive to my 
own little shop, here.
I also used the always beautiful artwork of Zindy. 
You can find her artwork here.

All I ask is please do not alter, resize, add names, 
brushes, elements or anything else to these tags,
nor rip them apart in any way to make new tags. 
Thank you. =)

Just click to view full size then save to your computer. 
Thank you and enjoy the extras! =)

I hope you enjoy the extras. =)



  1. snagged with much love and thanks :) <3

  2. snagged with much love and thanks :) <3

  3. Snagged with love and many thanks...

  4. First thank u so much for all ur awesome kits , templates , frames and etc.. I post links to ur site for kit & frame challenges ..
    Second thank u for these beautiful snags ..