20 July, 2015

Just An FYI About Anna (aka Anna's Attic/ Starduste Designs)

As many of you may already know,
Anna Collaço had ripped some
of my kits for her own kits while she
was on my CT and she was also caught
trying to sell my CU items as CU & CU4CU 
which was a violation of my TOU
after she was removed from my CT.

For those who wish to be informed about
any updates concerning her, it was brought
to my attention yesterday by a reliable source
that Anna is now designing under a new name-
Wicked Intenzionz & she also has a new 
Facebook 'identity': Luna Benning.

I have updated my 'Wall Of Shame' page with 
this information for quick reference for you all. 
Also, my source said she will provide me with
screenshots of proof as soon as she can & if needed
I'll post them here for you all.

I feel it is my responsibility to keep
you all updated about this since Anna is
known for ripping kits & violating TOU.
What you choose to do with the information from 
here is entirely up to you. ;)

Thank you for reading. =)
...And thank you to my source for 
giving me this information. =)



  1. Thank you for sharing your wonderful kit's I made this for you

  2. I'm so sorry Anna violated your trust. I just had one of my CT's, Angelhaze Hendrix, use my kits to make freebies to give away on her blog so I know how you feel, hun, & it's an awful feeling to have trusted someone only for them to abuse that trust.