20 July, 2015

Just An FYI About Anna (aka Anna's Attic/ Starduste Designs) Pt. 2

If you've read my previous post
today about Anna Collaço,
you now know that she is trying to 
make another comeback.

As promised, I have the screenshots
of a conversation between two people-
one which is on her CT & the other, my source. 

Again, what you choose to do with this
information is up to you. I am 
simply informing those who would like to 
avoid taking any chances with Anna.

So here I give you the screenshots.
Feel free to share the blog posts or 
to simply inform if you choose.
Names & display pix have been blacked
out to protect my source & the person on 
Anna's CT:

Thank you again for reading. =)
...And thank you to my source for 
giving me the screen shots & information. =)


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