19 July, 2015

New Kit- Black No. 1

... "Black black black black No. 1...." 
-Peter Steele, Type O Negative

I have a brand new kit in my little shop.
This kit was inspired loosely off a song
by the Goth/ Metal band Type O Negative.

Black No. 1 is the perfect kit for some 
awesome Goth tags. 
It's packed with 17 papers, 125 unique elements 
& 8 frames in blue-based blacks, 
charcoals & greys.  
You won't find any repeats in this kit. ;)

You can find this kit exclusively in my little 
store on my HIM-Addicts site.
This link will take you directly to the kit.

*After purchasing the kit, make sure you go back to 
the page where the kit is at to download your kit. ;)

I always enjoy seeing your creations with my kits.
You can send them to me at:
(remove the brackets in my email.)


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