20 August, 2015

Back In Class Kits Now Available

Two weeks ago, I started out making a typical 
'back to school' themed kit & it kind of took 
a turn in a slightly different direction....

I've always wanted to make a 'good vs bad'- themed kit.
About midway through working on this project, 
the idea popped into my head to try it
with a back to school twist.

The end result? My 'Back In Class' kits.
The 'girls' in the kits are named
after my own two daughters.
Even though they're both no longer in school, 
they kind of  inspired this kit. 
They both had their 'turn' being the good girl 
& the bad girl and were always opposite 
of each other. =)

Each kit is packed with 10 papers,
70 elements & 4 papers in the same colour palette.

The idea of these kits is to be able to use them
together or separately. 
One will be FTU & the download link
will be here in this post.
The other kit is in my store for 50 cents.
It has a few items I used that cannot be in free kits
so I had to make it PTU to make the kit.
But still- it's only 50 cents-
so I'm hoping you'll be able to snatch it up.
...And I won't be changing the price of it,
so no worries. ;)

Now, onto the kits & some information 
about them:

Meet Natausha & Sami-
two very different girls in school:

Natausha is the apple of her teacher's eye-
With perfect grades, she excels at everything 
from Music to Phys Ed.
She loves basketball, rollerskating & reading.
She is the 'Star Pupil':

Sami, unfortunately hates school & her grades show.
She tends to spend more time in the 
principal's office than in the classroom.
Video games, smoking & skate boarding is her thing.
She is your typical 'Slacker Girl':

You can grab the 'Star Pupil' kit from me here:
Back In Class- Star Pupil

All I ask is PLEASE no ripping it to make a 
new kit nor sharing it in groups. 
Directing people to my blog to get it for
themselves is much more appreciated.
...And you stay out of trouble that way. ;)

The 'Slacker Girl' kit can be found 
in my little shop here:
Back In Class- Slacker Girl
Again, this kit is only 50 cents-
and always will be at that price. ;)

Of course, it goes without saying
that comments & 'Thank You's' are 
always appreciated so very much. ;)

I enjoy seeing your creations with my kits.
You can send them to me at:
(remove the brackets in my email.)