28 February, 2016

New Kit- Country Blues

I have a new kit uploaded into my tiny
 little 'hidden' shop. =)

I stepped way out of my element for this one. o.O
I never thought in a million years
I'd make a Country/ Western themed kit...
BUT! I did. And it was a learning experience.
And a bit of a fun one. =)

Personally, the genre/ lifestyle really isn't my thing.
I have always been into Death Metal, Black Metal, Goth,
etc.... you get the idea- I hope.
I don't even have any Country/ Cowgirl themed tubes-
because again- it's not my thing. LOL

But I decided to give making this type a kit
a chance- first- and most importantly-
because it's a small tribute to my mother
who passed away almost two years ago.
She lived/ breathed/ LOVED the country/western
lifestyle, loved the music & even wrote & played
her own songs which was only really shared with dear
friends & close family.
Another reason I chose to make this kit was
because my one & only trusted-and amazing CT person-
Belinda- is also a fan of the genre...
so this kit was made for her too.
After all, she has had to put up with my 
HIM-spired kits. =)

The colours were my mom's fave & 
it helps to know that Belinda loves the colour blue, too. =P
(As for the brown/ tan- I'm not sure. LOL)

There is one little story about this kit-
or a couple elements in it- I have to explain
before I present the kit:
I have two different cowboy boots 
elements in the kit- and they're named 
a bit differently & that's all thanks to my mom.
See, she always said, the pointed-toe, 'fancier'
cowboy boots are just that- cowboy boots.
The rounded-toe boots that are a bit scruffy 
are 'shit kickers'... so those are the names 
of those elements, thanks to my mom. =)

Anyway, enough rambling...
here's the kit:

Country Blues is a beautiful, fun kit for those
 who are fans of the Country/ Western lifestyle
&  music. 

This kit is filled with 18 papers, 105 elements 
& 8 frames in rich tans & browns, 
dreamy blues and a bit of golden yellow. 
This kit can currently be found in my
own little 'shop', here, for now.

*You do NOT need to be a member 
of my site to buy the kit. =) 

**Make sure you go back to the page 
after purchasing to download your kit. ;)

*** Please respect my TOU in the zipfile-
NO sharing, No ripping, no reselling,
No stealing the colour palette & 
please No claiming as your own. 
Thank you. <3

I enjoy seeing your creations with my kits. =)
You can send them to me at:
(remove the brackets in my email.)


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